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Watson Wu

posted: Nov 29 2014

Watson Wu Meet Watson Wu of Boca Grande, Florida. His specialty is sound...not just any sound but sounds that are portrayed to the listener with complete accuracy. Not your orchestras, songs and speeches but everyday sounds from quiet to very loud. Eclectic and accurate are descriptive words that come to mind.

It is not often one follows their passion; meeting such an individual is quite another matter. One can imagine Watson as a young boy, racing his cars across the floor with all the 'boy' noise he could muster with his mother raising her eyes heavenward. Who knew his passion would become his profession?

We do not spend much time thinking about the attendant sounds as we play video games, watch TV or movies, never realizing someone needs to gather those sounds and portray them accurately. It's a loud subtlety and if it is wrong, the product does NOT sell. Sound and action must resonate together.

Think of cannon blasts from Assassin’s Creed and the loud 'vrooming' Need for Speed Motors. How and where were those sounds collected? Certainly, cannon blasts or loud car motors could not be all that important or could they?

To collect specific clear sounds, Watson needs excellent professional lightweight equipment as he records without ambient noise interference. Sometimes he is in the middle of a quiet desert for his 'sound-gathering' setup. As part of his setup he has chosen Energy Transformation Systems' (ETS) InstaSnakes (PA200 Series) and iProAudio Baluns (PA921 and PA922). They transfer the signals passively (no extra power supplies needed), accurately and are lightweight (Category5 or better cable is used.)

Click here to see and HEAR Watson Wu's collection of silence and sounds complete with audio graphs. You will not be disappointed.

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