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High Speed Data Access for the Multi-Tenant Market

The availability of multiple competing sources for sending data into a building (DSL, fixed wireless, cable modems, T1 and ISDN) has created the opportunity to bring so-called broadband data cheaply into multi-tenant units (MTU). These buildings can be hotels, motels, apartment buildings, multi-tenant office building, or any other structure with extensive telephone networks.

The problem with telephone networks is that they usually cannot support high rate data (10BaseT Ethernet) and voice service together, leading to a need for rewiring in order to accommodate data services. Normally, to support data and voice, three pairs are needed: two for the data signaling and one for voice.

Companies installing computer networks usually end up rewiring with Category 5 (4 pairs per drop). This is an expense readily born by a company putting their staff onto a network. However, for a service provider supplying individual web connections, video on demand, and other custom features within an MTU building, the cost of installing new wire may force the monthly service charges high enough to discourage potential users from signing up.

Energy Transformation Systems (ETS) has solved the problem for many MTU's by developing a family of products that directly address the requirements, without the expense of rewiring. In most cases we allow a "No New Wires" installation. How can we offer an answer where other vendors cannot? ETS has some clever folks, and we created patentable products utilizing extremely simple passive circuitry, permitting simultaneous voice and data on either one or two pairs of existing wiring.

We call our technology PairSavers®. The first product group is designed to send data over a single pair using our Monoline® technology. Another product uses frequency separation to share data and up to two voice channels over two pairs using our Data Piggyback® technology. The third product family combines the two technologies into our Monoline Piggyback® technology so that both voice and data can be combined on a single pair of POTS line. [POTS is a nickname for plain old telephone service.]

These products from ETS provide you the opportunity to sell your data services into the MTU market easily. Cut installation costs! You can use the existing wiring to minimize the impact of working in occupied spaces, and avoid adding ugly surface wiring to apartments and suites. Envsion the ETS solution: A simple wall-mount panel installation in the wiring closet interrupts the existing wiring to put the ETS circuitry inline with the existing phone system. In the suite or apartment, your installer removes the existing wall-plate, reterminates the wiring to the pre-assembled ETS wall-plate, then attaches the plate to the box. Perhaps 10 minutes work on the individual customer premises. Less time, no mess, and the lowest installation cost around!

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