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ETS NOW Offers Blue Jeans Cable™ (video avail.)

What is the most often overlooked component of an audio or video system?

Often forgotten, ignored, or disregarded, one of the most important elements in any installed system is... CABLE! Using inferior cable is not only taking a huge risk, it can be very costly in time, labor and money.

Top notch audio-video professional installations require professional cables. When ordering your baluns, hubs and adapters, the right cables are needed to complete your installation. For your system to work properly, the choice of cables is as critical as the choice of boxes. ETS now offers certified Category 5e, 5e+ and 6 cables by Blue Jeans Cable. Cables are individually tested with the test results sent with your order. All cable carriers are etherCon connectors from Neutrik unless ordered otherwise.

ETS offers Blue Jeans Cable in a choice of black or grey in lengths of 25, 50,100 and 200 feet. Custom lengths and other colors are also available and can be ordered through Blue Jeans Cable.

Belden and Blue Jeans Cable Descriptions

Part # Category Gauge Solid/Stranded Bandwidth Description


24 stranded 100 MHz Unshielded, flexible, tactical (rugged) for field and stage applications.  Bonded pairs.
1533R 5e 24 solid 100 MHz Foil shielded standard Cat 5e
1700A 5e 24


100 MHz Unshielded top-of-the-line 5e, bonded pair
BJCCat6 6 24 solid 250 MHz Unshielded bonded-pair
Coming 6 24 solid 250 MHz Shielded


Blue Jeans, Inc. and Belden Ethernet Cables Pricing

  Blue Jeans Cables     Belden Cables
Length (ft)   BJCCat6 1533R* 1700A 1305A
25 $35.60 $40.50 $30.00 $66.00
50 $49.95 $60.50 $40.85 $111.00
100 $78.50 $100.50 $61.85 $200.75  
200 $122.25 $167.50   $90.75   $366.50

* 1533R is shielded cable


Getting Technical Information on Belden Cable

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Put the part number in the search box
When the picture appears click on the cable you want
Background turns blue
Select "Tech Data" above the picture
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