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posted: Aug 19 2014

 Many are professional cyber thieves who seek financial gain by destroying or damaging their victims’ vital IT infrastructures. It’s an expensive headache that is as old as the Internet itself, so it’s important that all of us remain vigilant in our daily use of the vast data “bloodstream” that touches virtually every facet of our everyday lives.

 It’s a sad fact that so much energy and so many corporate resources are taken up with safeguarding data and systems from the gangs of “bad guys.” But ignoring or minimizing the threat will not make it disappear. Like the maddening pat-downs and personal scrutiny that infect and sour today’s air travel experiences, we have to accept the aggravations that accompany Internet security protocols in order to avoid catastrophe.

 Those anti-crime procedures go beyond data, and extend to personal security. From supermarket to subway, we’re monitored by unseen agencies that record our movements and transactions. Wider deployment of cameras and systems brings the opportunity for enterprising companies like ETS to deliver viable solutions to the video security industry.

 ETS has for years provided innovative security-related devices to customers looking for the highest quality and dependability. The best-known public transportation system in the world, the London tube, uses ETS-manufactured video surveillance baluns (Models VSP112 and VSP118) in its vast video security system. It’s testimony to our devotion to designing and manufacturing robust devices that our products have been performing faithfully there for years.

 It’s something we at ETS like to point to in an age of mega-companies that we “little guys” can produce products that compete toe-to-toe with the giants.

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