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New At ETS

posted: Aug 08 2014

New. We hear it all the time -- this product is "new," that service is "new," even this idea (say, a shiny tablet-sized slab of glass) is "new." We hear it so often we become immune to the meaning of the word. The very concept of "newness" is stretched thin in these times of cascading inventions; nearly every high tech company here in Silicon Valley can lay claim to a "new" idea.

And so we at ETS will carefully avoid any excessive reference to our "new" website, but nonetheless we're proud of our massively revamped appearance on the Internet. As those who've undertaken such a task know well, creating a website takes months of intense labor, some trial and error, and, it must be said, some "new" thinking. Jeff Bastan of WebCity Pages in Fremont, CA, created the interactive and graphics-heavy site design, and his combination of creative and technical expertise is evident throughout the new site.

Spearheaded by our own Trudy Andresen, with input from Michele, Arom, and Steve, as well as many others, the site is designed to be easy to use, a major task given the company's 400-some highly technical products. The result is a site that's interactive and intuitive, offering valuable customers a convenient way to select and order ETS products.

As a small company with a long history, we've always stayed close to our customers, and we devote ourselves to delivering dependable products on even the shortest of deadlines. We're just a phone call or an email away, and we're prepared to offer advice and technical support to both present customers and to newcomers considering using our devices.

Support works both ways. We welcome comments, advice, and criticism from those in the technically sophisticated audio and video community. We can learn from your input, and we solicit suggestions on everything from product performance to suggested new products. And of course, devotion to our customers' needs is as old as our company itself.

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